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Why TECUMfinance?

Which is better: leasing or hire purchase?2020-06-22T14:22:50+01:00

The answer as to whether you should finance by hire purchase or leasing will depend upon your individual situation. In relation to taxation, for example. Generally, there is no ‘better’ or ‘worse’.

Call us at +49 2154 9304960 and speak to our financing experts.

We will be happy to explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of contracts. We can clarify together what is the best solution for you – possibly with the help of your tax advisor.

What is the interest rate?2020-06-22T14:35:36+01:00

The interest rate and the monthly charge will depend on various factors, e.g. the amount of your investment and the terms which you have chosen. Of course, your credit rating will also play a role.

With our financing calculator you can get a first overview.

What are the advantages of financing through TECUMfinance?2020-06-22T14:47:53+01:00

Basically, financing gives you the opportunity, immediately and swiftly (e.g. for a particularly important job), of making investments which will visibly and audibly improve the quality of your work, but without putting too much strain on your liquidity.

The TECUMfinance advantages:-
Fair conditions.
Good accessibility and personalised advice.
AND, speed!

Using state-of-the-art tools such as digital signatures, the entire procedure usually takes no longer than 24-48 hours – from the submission of the documents to the release or delivery of your equipment.

The administrative effort is minimal for you. We only need the written offer from your dealer, along with some information about you and your status as a freelancer or entrepreneur – we will then take care of everything else.

From the beginning

How long does the credit check take?2020-06-22T13:49:13+01:00

For inquiries < € 10,000, max. 30 minutes.

Over € 10,000, it is usually max. 24 hours.

Which requirements are necessary to finance new equipment with TECUMfinance?2020-06-22T13:57:17+01:00

There are two requirements:

  1. You do your job commercially (either as a freelancer or as a company).
  2. You have been working for at least one year.
What is the minimum purchase value?2020-06-22T13:58:40+01:00

We can start from a purchase value of € 1,000.

Which dealers does TECUMfinance work with?2020-06-22T14:00:23+01:00

The choice of the dealer is entirely up to you. Just let us know who your supplier of choice is.

Which documents does TECUMfinance need from me?2020-06-23T09:49:50+01:00

For acquisition values up to approx. € 15,000, a few basic details are enough to start the request process, e.g. the date of establishment of your company and your date of birth.

For higher acquisition values we usually ask for current figures, for example your economic valuation or your last annual financial statement.

For all inquiries, we take care of the necessary details in order to get permission quickly.

We also safeguard you when it comes to your business and other information.

How long does it take to approve a funding request?2020-06-23T09:55:01+01:00

The whole process – from the submission of the signed documents to the approval or delivery of your equipment – usually takes no longer than 24-48 hours. We often do it the same day!

I like the offer. And now?

Who orders from the dealer?2020-06-11T12:49:34+01:00

We do. As soon as we have received your documents in full, we give the supplier the go for the delivery of your equipment.

I have received the contract documents by e-Mail. What’s next?2020-06-23T09:58:20+01:00

After reading through and checking the contract documents, do the following:

  • For contracts in paper form, you email us a signed version in advance so that we can check everything. For instance, we may need to inform the dealer that he should order goods which are not immediately available. Following this, you may then send the original contract documents to us.
I have received the contract documents with an electronic signature. What’s next?2020-06-22T12:47:26+01:00

After reading through and checking the contract documents, do the following:

  • For contracts with an electronic signature, you can easily sign the contract online with just a few clicks, whether on your smartphone, tablet or PC. It is safe and legally binding – without cumbersome registration or creating an account.
  • We will then be informed automatically that the contract has been signed.

While the contract is running

When things get tight2020-06-22T12:26:24+01:00

It can always happen that money becomes scarce and you cannot service the monthly installments.

In this case, inform us – if possible – in good time so that we can find a solution together with the partner bank.

Do I need insurance?2020-06-22T12:33:59+01:00

Our very clear recommendation is yes, you should have.

Your insurance should cover the full value of your purchase and should cover for the entire term of your financing.

If you need support here, we are happy to help with a partner.

Can I cancel my contract early?2020-06-22T12:32:17+01:00

Yes, at anytime. The equipment becomes your property upon payment of all outstanding installments.

Further questions?

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