What drives us – the philosophy of TECUMfinance

Financing is tough, complicated, lengthy – in a word, annoying. That, anyway, seems to be the popular opinion and the image of financing. With our philosophy, we explain that this doesn’t have to be so, and TECUMfinance will prove the opposite. Namely, financing not only makes economic sense, but it can also be done fairly, easily and quickly. This is particularly true when the latest IT solutions such as the digital signature can be used.

TECUMfinance Team

The people behind TECUMfinance are media people, not bankers, and we have many years of industry experience. This helps us to live up to our ambitious claim, which is to be different, faster, and more service and customer-oriented than traditional financial service providers.

Because we know how media people ‘tick’, we understand their business models, know the work processes and have a feel for their interests and priorities. Media people are creative. Your focus and passion should be more involved with the creative side and less with the business side of your job, including all the taxation pros and cons inherent with financing.

Many of our customers therefore appreciate our distinctive service-orientation, easy accessibility and personal advice. We explain, we make clear the advantages and disadvantages, we take care and we free up our customers’ time – which in turn means that they feel that they are in safe hands, with a subject which is rather unwieldy for them.

TECUMfinance is a project by media people for media people. We want to make the advantages and added value of intelligent financing solutions accessible to our customers, with as little effort on their part as possible. That is our mission. That is our philosophy.